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De-orphaning articles is an important aspect of building the web. Surname pages : These are a special case, some may be among those types of articles known as " set index " articles, whilst others are encyclopedic articles related to anthroponymy that may be easier to de-orphan. The "att" is an abbreviation for "attempt as in "I attempted to de-orphan this article but failed". If any related articles have a See also section, it is worth considering if the orphaned article may be listed there. On disambiguation pages edit Disambiguation pages themselves often should be orphaned. If it does, add an internal link. See also edit Note: Past discussion resulted in the change from three incoming links to one due to issues with increasing backlogs. Others edit See the section below titled Articles that may be difficult to de-orphan. Note that this does not double-categorize it, the att takes precedence and, as was mentioned above, the article is moved to the attempted de-orphan category for that date, so you're not having to revisit the same article twice when browsing through. Identify one or more navboxes containing articles in a category common to the orphan. Special:LonelyPages A page from Tools Special pages Orphaned Pages. For articles that need WikiProjects, see.


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1 Editors may also remove the tag from any article if they believe that de-orphaning is unlikely to be successful, or if they have attempted to provide incoming links. If a thorough search for significant coverage in reliable sources is unsuccessful, appropriate action may include tagging the page with Notability, a proposed deletion or deletion nomination. If this doesn't help, then a little more research is required. Adding links to See also could be considered a quick 'easy way out' to de-orphaning an article, and may attract the wrong kind of attention from other editors if poor-quality or only tangentially-related articles are 'dumped' into the. Highly related articles are typically linked in the uppermost lead of an article, in its "See also" section (if existent) and the automatically suggested "related articles" below the article.

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Wikiproject Orphanage: Wikipedia:orphanyou can help! These can be saved for later in favor of orphans which have not yet been attempted. Search categories in which the article is contained and other similar categories for related articles. An orphaned essay is much harder to aikuisviihde seksi seksi wikipedia find than an orphaned article because there are fewer alternative methods available than there are for articles. Added link edit summary edit When adding a link to an orphaned article, please use this edit summary : Adding link to orphaned article, Wikiproject Orphanage: Wikipedia:orphanyou can help! Please do not place the Orphan template on these pages either. The rationale is that although you were unable to de-orphan the article, it is often the case that someone else may be successful. Place the article name in"tion marks and click search (if the article title is a single word,"s are not needed). Avoiding orphans from the start edit When creating a new article, it is best to prevent them from being orphans from the beginning. Orphaned image : An image not used in any article. Contents, what is an orphan? Various ways to de-orphan edit Check to see if there are articles about the same topic under a different name. Check to see if there are any Lists of whatever subject the orphaned article is about, or disambiguation pages listing articles with similar titles. Isolated article : An article that cannot be reached via a series of links from the Main Page. Please focus on the ones where there's at least a chance of inter-wikilinking. aikuisviihde seksi seksi wikipedia

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